Here at Souther we supply to trade from our own collection which include classic leather items and in addition we also offer a high quality bespoke service in small leather goods production.

With this unique service we aim to use a wide range of alternative materials to try and best satisfy your desired design criteria. Our bespoke service offers personalized methods of production to achieve the best level of quality possible. These methods include printing, blocking, embroidery and the application of badges and various types of pressing.

Our dedicated team members have over 25 years of experience working with leather from designing, stitching, pattern and sample making to bring you the finest handmade leather products. Dependent upon the volume of units requested we can produce a variety of styles in order to meet your specification.

Here at Souther we aim to focus on engagement with our clientele working with you closely. Through our consultation process we endeavour to bring you the finest in hand made leather production.