About us

SOUTHER is a specialist in small leather goods manufacturing. It was founded as a family business in 1988 and based in a small town of the south of Spain, traditionally known for its leather industry. Our company started its business as Creaciones Loppez producing for major international brands which provide them with a wide knowledge of leather business operations. At the beginning of this century and as technology became essential, the idea of rebranding the company started to rise up. Finally, the idea came true with SOUTHER, a word that not only means a strong wind coming from the south but also combines the two words that represent the company “south” and “leather”. SOUTHER contains the new ethos of the company, a grown up company that wants to surpass itself reaching for new brands and markets and opened to this changing world using new materials.

SOUTHER has its own collection including classic leather items but they also offering practical goods so much needed in this contemporary world.

SOUTHER is a flexible and professional company willing to provide a high quality service in small goods production. We can manufacture any of your designs and you can also supply the material. SOUTHER works closely with its clients in order to fully satisfy their needs.